Saturday, December 12, 2015

AIFF 2015: Saturday Overview From 5 pm - Animation, Magic Utopia, Love Between The Covers

Already posted Part 1 for Saturday,  

Here's Part 2, and a reminder - no Festival movies at the Bear Tooth today, but there are films at the Snow Goose, so don't go to the wrong venue.  An * means the film is in competition. Here's the grid, with details below.  Grid is screenshot, so no links.  Go to the original here to get links for everything.   For Saturday Part 1 - the morning and early afternoon, go here.

Since this is the second half of the day's grid, the locations got cut off.

Left is AK Experience Large,    Middle is AK Experience small,    Right is SNOW GOOSE

Screenshot has no links, for links go here.
Animation Program* - All the animated films are in this program.  I haven't seen it yet, but these usually have some of the most interesting films.  And they're short, so if you don't like what you're watching, a better one will be soon.  All the 'in competition' animated films are in this program.  For more on each film, click here. 5pm AK EX Large

No Greater Love - A military chaplain's movie about his work with the soldiers in war and going home.  5:30 pm AK EX small.

Where Do We Go From Here?  - A 25 year old moves into an nursing home.  6pm Snow Goose.

Magic Utopia* - I saw this Thursday night and have some video of the co-directors during the Q&A that I haven't had time to put up yet.  This is a beautiful film, but definitely NOT a Hollywood film.  A lot of loving attention is paid to details.  Art is part of the fabric of this film.  And strange things happen - levitation, a phone call from a dead person.  But I'd note, they played the trailer for Die Hard before this film, and there's nothing more unreal in this film than there is in Die Hard.   If you're looking for a strong plot line and plenty of action, skip this film.  If you want to see the kind of artistic film you can't normally see, then this is for you.  7pm AK EX Large

Love Between The Covers* - I haven't seen this documentary yet.  It didn't get the audience I expected when it first played.  It's an exploration of romance novels and novelists, why they aren't taken seriously, and why they are such an important part of the fiction market.  I'm told this is a serious film to be watched.  And I'm looking forward to seeing it.  8pm AK EX Small

They Look Like People  -  Here's the blurb:
"Suspecting that those around him are actually malevolent shape-shifters, a troubled man questions whether to protect his only friend from an impending war, or from himself."   8pm Snow Goose

Living With The Dead - I still have some of my mom's ashes.  Does that mean I can relate to this film?  The blurb:
"Max McLean is eighteen years old and can't get out of bed. Since her boyfriend Adam killed himself over a year ago, Max has been using sex, drugs, and parties to ignore the pain until one day she wakes up in a hospital, haven taken a nearly lethal dose of sleeping pills. While being haunted by visions of Adam, Max runs away from home and ventures into the forest with a bizarre but endearing boy named Ish."

As you can see, I can't post the trailer here, but just go to the link below.   9pm AK EX Large

Living with the Dead - Trailer from Tobias Beidermühle on Vimeo.

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