Wednesday, December 09, 2015

AIFFF 2015: When The Circus Leaves Town

Interesting, strange characters in a small dying (dead?) town in rural Turkey.  Beautiful shots.  And the end left me, and apparently others, perplexed.  My assumption is that Turkish films today, especially if they are sent to festivals abroad, have a political and/or social meaning that Turks would get, but that is more obscure to foreigners not paying close attention to Turkey.  The images from this film will definitely be floating around my skull for a while.

But this one will stay with me.

The Japanese Counsel-General is now introducing the film Lost and Found - a documentary about earthquake and tsunami debris washing up in the US and Canada and the search for the Japanese owners of some of the things found.

[The wifi at the Bear Tooth wasn't getting this post through when I tried to post it.]

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