Saturday, December 12, 2015

AIFF 2015: Saturday Preview Part 1 Daytime - Animation, Stink! And Much More

Interesting options today.  New venue - Snow Goose - so be careful you don't go to Bear Tooth by mistake.  No Festival films there today.  *means 'in competition."

So, let's do this by morning and by evening.  Morning first.

This screenshot doesn't link, go here for the links
Made in Alaska Shorts at 11am AK EX Large - See what your fellow Alaskans are producing.  For details and trailers of each film, click here.

Stink! - Is by a  dad trying to figure out the chemicals in his kid's pajamas.  You'll be one of the first  to see this.  11:45am at the SNOW GOOSE

STINK! opens in New York on Black Friday November 27th & Los Angeles on December 4. from NetReturn Entertainment on Vimeo.

A Courtship - documentary about an evangelical Christian who wants an arranged marriage.  1pm AK EX Large

Shorts - Real Life  - If you haven't seen a shorts program, go see these, there are some gems in here. And if you don't like one, then the next one comes up quickly.  But the shorts I've seen have all be worth watching.  2pm Snow Goose   (some are in competition)

Under Construction -    This is the movie to see if you want more information on the people Trump wants to ban from the US.   3pm AK EX Large
"Muslim woman Roya struggling to find herself in the sprawl of urban Bangladesh. Roya performs her last show playing ‘Nandini’—the epitome of Bengali womanhood, the central character of Rabindranath Tagore’s play ‘Red Oleanders.’ She delves into a psychological journey and battles to reconstruct ‘Nandini.’ Roya finds herself under-construction—traveling alone to exert her own desires, wishes and ambitions."

From This Day Forward - Another interesting documentary of political relevance as conservatives try to repeal Anchorage's new civil rights protections for the LGBT community.  This film is made by the daughter of a man who told his family when the kids were young, that he was really a woman.  It was difficult for the family, and the now adult daughter goes back home as a filmmaker to document their story.  Well done.  The filmmaker was here for the Tuesday night showing.   3pm AK EX Large

Very, Semi-Serious - A doc on  cartoons in the New Yorker.   4pm Snow Goose

OK, this gets you to about 4:30.  I'll post the rest of the late afternoon and evening soon.

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