Sunday, December 13, 2015

AIFF 2015: Special Directors' Award and Audience Award Winners UDATED with Pictures

Tan and Toyami at AIFF 2015 Gala Awards

Special Directors award to Shoji Toyami  and Shuichi Tan  of Magic Utopia.  

King Tan, and Toyami
Also involved with the film was King.

This was very much an artistic film with lots of abstract imagery.  A beautiful film that you won't see coming out of Hollywood.

Audience Award

This is one of the most coveted awards because it's the one the audience liked most.

Sharon Shattuck (l) listening to audience member
Winner   -   From This Day Forward

Below is a shot I got of director Sharon Shattuck at the Bear Tooth Tuesday night listening to one of the audience members after the showing of From This Day Forward.

This was a film about a family whose dad comes out as transgender when the kids were fairly young, made by one of the daughters, much later. It was a powerful film.

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