Sunday, December 13, 2015

AIFF 2015: Documentary Winners UPDATE: Features

[I originally understood that all the docs were grouped together for one award, but at the ceremony, it turned out they had awards for short docs and for full length docs. I tried to note that quickly as the awards were being announced.]


Bihttoš          Winner  Short Docs
Elle-Máijá Tailfeathers

Children of the Arctic  Honorable Mention  Docs
Nick Brandestini

Circus Without Borders   Runner Up  Docs
Susan Gray, Linda Matchan

Lost & Found
Nicolina Lanni, John Choi

Love Between the Covers
Laurie Kahn

Madina’s Dream   Winner Docs
Andrew Berends

Man in the Can
Noessa Higa

Superjednostka    Runner Up Short Docs
Teresa Czepiec

Nicholas Coles and Rich Curtner after Awards
The House is Innocent  Honorable Mention  Short Docs
Nicholas Coles

 The House Is Innocent is about a house in Sacramento whose owner murdered and buried several older folks whose social security she kept collecting. [I should have added that a couple bought the house and fixed it up, but left some signs indicating the history of the house.]  Rich Curtner, AIFF Board President, talked to film director Coles about an Anchorage house of a murderer that is now owned by someone involved with the film festival.


And The Circus Leaves Town   Runner Up
Mete Sozer

Ben Cura

Jasmine     Honorable Mention
Dax Phelan

Magic Utopia    
Shoji Toyama, Shuichi Tan

Orphans & Kingdoms   Winner
Paolo Rotondo

The Descendants
Yaser Talebi


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