Sunday, December 06, 2015

AIFF 2015: Sunday Preview

There's lots of great stuff today.  The best option is to go to the scheduling website - click here - where you can see the schedule in different useful ways.  Just put your cursor over the Schedule tab for the drop down menu and experiment.

 There are just too many interesting films for me to cover and different things will interest different people.  So you have to do it yourself.

There's a movie about Tlingit soldiers in Vietnam (Hunting In War Time), a Bangladeshi woman (Under Construction), a 90 something woman who directs her first play (Janey Makes a Play),  a horse headed for the glue factory, that's rescued and goes on to be a champion (Harry and Snowman).  Children of the Arctic follows the lives of Barrow youth.

There are a number of features - including one about three young men forced to go on an adventure together to fulfill the conditions of their father's will (When the Ocean Met The Sky.)

There's a short documentary program.

And there's an archival movie involving Alaska that was recently discovered (High Treason).

Just pick something and enjoy what an international festival like this offers us.

Below is a screenshot of the simple schedule (the links don't work here, but it's clean and fast).  Go here to see the list with descriptions.
Sunday, December 6 















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