Sunday, December 13, 2015

AIFF 2015: It's Sunday, the Festival Ends With Films And Gala

So, here's the last day's program.  [Well, technically, there will be Best of The Fest next Friday and Saturday nights.]

This is a screenshot - for the original with links click here
If you haven't seen any of the shorts programs, I'd recommend them first.

Lost and Found is a documentary about beach combers in Alaska and British Columbia who find Japanese tsunami debris and try to fin the original owners.  While I had one problem with this film, it's still worth watching.

There are two Alaska made films Heart of Alaska and Sea Horse.

Midori in Hawaii - This is a strong film about a Japanese woman who visits her younger sister in Hawaii.  I wasn't all that impressed when I watched it, but scenes from the movie have been replaying in my head.  That's always a sign the movie was better than I first thought.

The Awards Ceremony is in a different place this year - The Williwaw - which is at 6th and F (602 F Street).  I'll try to live blog from there if they have wifi.

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