Thursday, December 10, 2015

AIFF 2015: Thursday's Got Great Offerings - Magic Utopia, Creditors, and Shorts Jury Selection

Everything except the After School Special and the Quick Freeze (which are more like local contests) is in competition.  Circus Without Borders looks at acrobats in the Arctic who team up with acrobats in Guinea.  Jasmine is a Hong Kong based murder mystery.

Screenshot - click here for actual schedule with links

I've been told that Japanese made Magic Utopia is the feature to see.  But it's not an easy film they say.  My early perusal of the features in competition led me to believe that Creditors is also an interesting and complex film.  You can see details and trailers  of both (and Jasmine) at my overview of the features in competition.

I'm going to pass on Creditors tonight (it's playing again Friday at the Alaska Experience Theater at 8pm)  so I can see the Shorts Jury Selection.  This program has all the short narrative films that are in competition, plus a few more.  I haven't seen any of the shorts programs yet because of the way things have been scheduled.  Tonight's the right time for me to start.

The Quick Freeze films are always fun.  The groups get three prompts that somehow have to be incorporated into a film and then have six days to make a film.  This year's prompts are:

  • VHS tape
  • Kiss  
  • Dolly/slider shot.

 Each year these productions have gotten more and more clever and professional.  These should be good, for those of you who can sleep in late on Friday.

Here's more on the Quick Freeze for this year:

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