Friday, December 11, 2015

AIFF 2015: Friday Overview

Is it really Friday already?   Movies start early today - 2:30pm at the Bear Tooth for the Martini Matinee which includes both narrative and documentary shorts, some of which are in competition* (Asterisks for films in competition).  A few we saw last night in the shorts program, and they're worth a second look.  The documentary shorts I haven't seen yet and am looking forward.  Since they are all packaged together, no need to tip you off.  It's better to just let you pick your own favorites.

All the evening showings will be at the Alaska Experience theater.

The evening has several features and documentaries in competition.  I'm looking forward to seeing The Creditors*.  Here's the synopsis from The Creditors' website:
"Based on August Strindberg's 1888 play, "Creditors" is a modern re-telling of Strindberg's story of love, betrayal, revenge and psychological manipulation, which he considered to be his one true masterpiece.
Grant Pierce (Christian McKay) arrives from London into Madrid, Spain, hoping to be given the chance to meet his favourite painter, American Freddie Lynch (Ben Cura), who is currently staying at a private hotel in an unassuming location outside the city. As Grant steps into the main building of "El Madroño", he finds Lynch a crippled man whom, he soon reveals, has been unable to actually paint for the better part of a year.
As the two men get to know each other under the watchful eye of one of the owners of the hotel, Michael Redmane (Tom Bateman), they start to piece together the disturbing picture of Freddie's marriage to beautiful writer Chloe Fleury (Andrea Deck) which harbours secrets that will reveal much more than Freddie's recent creative emaciation and his obsession with Chloe's ex-husbandAt times disturbingly funny and cruelly bleak, "Creditors" deals with some of the most private aspects of human relationships."
AK EXP Small  8pm 

I haven't seen this yet, so no guarantees, but it looks like one of the more ambitious films in the festival.

Here's the grid for today.  It's stretched out because it starts at 2:30pm.

This is a screen shot. Click here for the original with working  links.

Orphans and Kingdoms* is a New Zealand feature that's in competition.  AK EXP Large  9pm

CODE is a documentary about gender issues in the tech industry.  AK Exp Small 5pm

Janey Makes a Play is about a 90 something woman who writes and directs her own play.  AK Exp Large 5:00pm

And Brainwashing of My Dad  is about how Fox News has taken over the filmmakers' Dad's brain.  It says on the SCHED:
"Special “work-in-progress” screening. This is a rare opportunity to see an early edit of the film and provide valuable feedback to the director, Jen Senko."
AK Exp Large 7pm    I'm guessing liberals will have trouble with this because it's so depressingly true and conservatives will have trouble because it's so disturbingly false.

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