Saturday, December 05, 2015

AIFF 2015: Saturday At The Film Festival - First Choice Between Animation and The Incredible Adventures of Jogo

Seeing all the films laid out by time and venue is easier this year with SCHED.  I won't have to do as much charting on here as I've done in the past.  Here's a screen shot for Noon (when things begin) and about 4:30pm today.

Go To the Actual Grid Here Where You Can See Details For Each Block.

I thought I would just go see the animation (AK Exp Large noon). I know nothing about them, but they are all in the same program, and I like the idea of surprise. And animation is often the most original and interesting category visually. But some folks tipped me off about The Incredible Adventure of Jojo ((and his annoying little sister Avila). (Bear Tooth Noon.)

After that, there's more hard choices.  One feature in competition - The Descendants  is an Iranian film at the AK Experience at 2pm - and one documentary in competition, and sure to be very well attended is  about romance novel authors - Between the Covers at Bear Tooth at 2:30,  plus there's a shorts program, though I'll wait until the Shorts Jury Selection Program which is Thursday.  (But as I look at it, it's playing opposite Creditors which is one I really want to see.  Lots of hard decisions.  You can't have the chocolate chip AND the mango surprise AND the mocha fudge.  You have to make choices.

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