Friday, December 06, 2013

AIFF 2013: Travel The World Through Film 2: From India to USA

The film festival gives us a great chance to meet people from around the world, in their own worlds.    The previous post went from Afganistan to Germany.  Here's the rest of the alphabet. 

Below you can see what's offered by film makers from other countries.  The links will take you to the Festival Genius page with a description of the page and when and where it will be shown. 
√ = film in competition    *= film maker scheduled to be there
I don't claim to have gotten every non-US film or gotten all the films in competition or all the film maker talks. 

You don't need a passport to travel this week. 

Delinquent Dancers (feature)
Butterfly Dreams (short narrative fiction)

Everything Is Fine Here (feature) *film maker coming from Iran

Mr. Hublot  (animated short √) (also France)

Maybe Another Time (very short narrative fiction)

Mexico (Sponsored by the Mexican Consul General)
Shorts Program: 
Juventud (Youth) (feature)

Vuelve A La Vida (Back To Life)  (Feature)

The Guide (documentary √)

The New World (feature)

New Zealand
Stalled (short narrative fiction) also New Zealand and Switzerland
Antarctica (doc)  with Antarctica

7 Cajas (Seven Boxes) (feature)

Jonah (short narrative fiction √)

South Korea
Ahco on the Road (animated short)

Coffee Time  (short doc)

Collectors  (animated  super short)
Stalled (short narrative fiction) also New Zealand and Canada

Will You Still Love Me Tomorrow?    (feature)

The No Name Painting Association (short doc)  (China)

All the rest of the films (except for the oces I''ve missed.

Reel Life (short narrative fiction √)  *

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