Friday, December 06, 2013

AIFF 2013: Take A Trip Via Film Part 1 - From Afganistan to Germany

Use the festival to take some short trips to other countries.  

I've gone through the Festival Genius and sorted by country.  It means it was made by someone from that country, it does not necessarily take place in that country, but probably does.

I've linked to the Festival Genius description which also has the times and dates the film will be shown.  Shorts are shown in programs with other shorts.

Have a good trip, or two, or three.

Here's the group:  A-Ma    The rest of the alphabet will be up shortly.

Fatigued  (short doc)

Antarctica:  A Year on Ice


The Rose of Turaida (animated super short)

Alaska Sessions:  Surfing The Last Frontier (Doc) 

Suspended (short narrative fiction)

Mine Games (feature)


Yellow Sticky Notes  Canadian Anijam (animated short)

Tales of the Organ Trade  (doc - I reviewed it here)

“Gaspé Copper” d’Alexis Fortier Gauthier (bandeannonce) (short narrative fiction)

Magnetic Reconnection  (short doc)

Stalled (short narrative fiction) also New Zealand and Switzerland

The Animal Project (feature)

Mourning Has Broken (feature)

Pottery Wars (short doc)

Hasard (short narrative fiction) (also Germany)

Santa's Claw (short narrative fiction)

The Trap (super short narrative fiction)

The No Name Painting Association (short doc)
Will You Still Love Me Tomorrow?    (feature)

Life (short narrative fiction √)
Fucking Tøs (Damn Girl) (short narrative fiction √)
(Both are in the same program - Reel/Real Life Shorts)

Mr. Hublot  (animated short √) (also Luxembourg)
Himalayan Gold Rush (doc √)

The Fusion (short narrative fiction)
Great (short narrative fiction)
Hasard (short narrative fiction) (also Germany)

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