Friday, December 13, 2013

AIFF 2013: Lion Ark - Film Makers In Anchorage for Sat and Sun Showings

I've been holding up this video til Lion Ark was about to play here in Anchorage.  I got to see the film and talk to the directors when we were in LA.  They are due in Anchorage for the showings Saturday (3:30pm Loussac) and Sunday (3 pm AK Exp large theater)

This is somewhat like a reality show where you watch the animal rescuers plan their attacks on the illegal circuses that have lions.  You hear them discuss how they helped get the Bolivian government to pass the strongest legislation around to prevent little circuses from using animals.  While some (most?) have given up their lions, there are a few outlaw circuses left.

None of this is really spoiler material because it's the telling of the story that matters.  Most, if not all, of the questions at the Q&A in LA were about the content of the movie, so afterward I focused my questions more on the movie making. 

There's a little bit of disturbing video of beating of animals in the film, so the younger kids probably shouldn't see this.  (It's PG 13)

There are a lot of Bolivians involved in the rescue and an important part of the film for me was that a number of them were brought with the lions to Colorado at the end, to see the lions' new home.  

The program says the film makers will be there Saturday, and probably they'll be at the Sunday showing but I'm not sure.

With Tim Phillips and Jan Creamer in town for Lion Ark, Will Francome for One.For.Ten, and Laurance Relton here for Reel Life, you'd think Captain Cook had made Alaska an English colony.  All their films are well worth watching.  Will's interviews with people who have been released from death row after their convictions were overturned can be seen at the one.for.ten website.  

Laurence's wonderful short film, Reel Life, plays as part of the Reel/Real Life Short Docs program at 3pm Saturday at the AK Exp Theater. 

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