Tuesday, December 10, 2013

AIFF 2013: What To See On Tuesday, Dec. 10

This is almost like a weekend day.  [detailed schedule with links below]

My recommendations:  Hank and Asha at 6:30 is wonderful.  See post on it here. 
  • Alaska Sessions:  Surfing the Last Frontier sold out the large AK Exp theater on Saturday and they've added a 9:30 showing back at AK Exp.  you can see my video with the director Frederick Dickerson here. 
  • Another I haven't seen but heard is good is the Taiwan feature Will You Still Love Me Tomorrow? which is the Gay-la film at the Bear Tooth at 8pm.  
  • Also two docs in competition at 5:45 and
  • Another workshop at 6:30

Alaska Experience Theater - Large Theater
Tuesday, December 10th
3:30 PM
Workshop | 120 min.
Z. J. Loussac Public Library
5:45 PM

Documentary Program | 88 min.
Alaska Experience Theater - Large Theater
6:30 PM

James E. Duff 2012 | Feature | 73 min.
Alaska Experience Theater - Small Theater
6:30 PM

Event | 90 min.
Inlet Tower Hotel & Suites
Alaska Experience Theater - Large Theater
7:30 PM

Amy Finkel 2013 | Documentary | 81 min.

8:00 PM

Gay-La | 101 min.
Bear Tooth Theatre


9:30 PM

Frederick Dickerson, Matthew McNeill 2012 | Documentary | 87 min.

And to complicate matters, Dan Ankers will be at a showing of his 2004 film Imaginary Witness about Hollywood's depiction of WW II before, during, and the the Holocasut after, at the Alaska Jewish Museum on 35th near La Touche.

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