Monday, December 09, 2013

AIFF 2013: Monday Festival Planning, So Much Easier

First, there are a lot fewer films to see.
Second, I've seen some of them already so I can speak more knowledgeably about them.

Both the films in the War Docs program should be good at 6.  Fatigued is billed as a US/Afghanistan film about being deployed to Afghanistan.  Gold Star Children is about US kids who have parents away in war or who have died in war.  Fatigued is in competition but Gold Star was highly recommended too. 

There's a workshop with local Cinematographers Sprocketheads at the Inlet Towers at 6:30.  The advantage there is interacting with film makers, and since a lot of the visiting film makers are staying there, you should be able to meet them too.

Furever starts at 7 at AK Exp - a feature length doc on people who freeze dry or otherwise preserve their pets.  Also in compeititon.

8pm AK Exp - Quirky Short Docs Program has two shorts in competition Slomo and The Words I Love.  I just like the concept of The Words I love - a Thai film maker living in New York asks strangers what unknown English words mean.  I've done that in reverse in Thailand.  The film maker will be there as well.  I'm looking forward to that one particularly.

Then there's Detroit Unleaded at 8pm at the Bear Tooth.  This is an example of films taking us into other worlds we normally wouldn't ever enter.  In this case, the Arab-American world in Detroit.  A young man's college career ends before it begins when his Dad is killed in a robbery at the family gas station and he has to take over running it.  This was a solid movie with great acting.  The director, Rola Nashef, was at the screening Sunday and will be there Monday at the Bear Tooth 8pm.  I'll put up some video of her Q&A and link it here when it's ready. 

A heads-up for Tuesday night:  Hank and Asha is a delightful film that everyone should go see.  It's delightful, uplifting, holds your attention, and has some real substance too.  The acting is superb. 

Monday, December 9th
6:00 PM

Documentary Program | 98 min.
screens with...
Alaska Experience Theater - Large Theater
6:30 PM

Event | 90 min.
Inlet Tower Hotel & Suites
7:00 PM

 Amy Finkel 2013 | Documentary | 81 min.
Alaska Experience Theater - Small Theater
8:00 PM

Documentary Program | 68 min.
screens with...
Alaska Experience Theater - Large Theater
8:00 PM

Rola Nashef 2012 | Feature

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