Tuesday, December 17, 2013

AIFF 2013: Best Of The Fest Thursday At Alaska Experience Theater

The schedule for Thursday is:

Time Place Films
6:30 pm AK Exp
Best Feature:  Tu Seras Un Homme
Best Animation:  Mr. Hublot
7:30 pm AK Exp
Best Documentary: McConkey
Best Super Short:  Anatomy of Injury
8:30 pm AK Exp
Best Short Doc:  The Guide
Best Snowdance Doc:  Mike's Migration
Best Short Narrative:  Lambing Season

"Tu Seras Un Homme" (You Will Be A Man) is a French film about a somewhat dysfunctional family that finds its way back to functional.  It's lovingly made - starring the director's wife and son among others - and I plan to see it again to see if I can catch things I missed the first time around. 

"Mr. Hublot" is visually spectacular, though the story it tells is somewhat empty.  That's a problem I had with a lot of the animation - the technology offers potential for fantastic imagery.  And it's ok to just have a visual feast, but if there's a good story too, it's usually much better.

"McConkey"  Ski daredevil turned base jumper does amazing and crazy stuff until he does something crazy but not amazing.  The film does some probing in what drove McConkey to continually push to do more extravagant and dangerous stunts.  I can't help but give some of the credit to Red Bull and other sponsors who encourage people to risk their lives like this. 

"Anatomy of Injury" - I think I saw this, but don't remember it.

"The Guide"  - Biologist E. O. Wilson meets an amazing young local guide at Gorongosa National Park in Mozambique.  An interesting short doc.

"Mike's Migration" - didn't see it. 

"Lambing Season"  didn't see it but heard very good things about it. 

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