Saturday, December 07, 2013

AIff2013: Animation and Global Shorts and Tweets

Animation Audience at noon

Animation Hotline
Too much too fast.  I've used Twitter because I haven't had time for real posts.  I feel like a fraud - trying to help people figure out what to see when I'm torn between McKonkey and Mine Games tonight.  It seems that "The New World" where I am now, shows 3 times, but Mine Games only once, but Jim Parker, the program director is working on correcting that. 

The festival hashtag is
Mine is @Whisper2world.

Animation Hotline was my favorite so far.  The visuals were original and abstract and
perfect and basically, it was illustrations of people calling into a hotline.  Really well done.

The Rose of Turaida also had great visuals.  

 Rose and Hotline had lots of beautiful abstract visuals which don't really work when you stop it for these stills. 

And Lost and Found . . .
Lost and Found


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