Wednesday, December 11, 2013

AIFF 2013: Tuesday, From Mozambigue to Taiwan And Some Alaska Winter Surfing

We took a friend to see Hank and Asha because it's so good.  We were going to see two docs and then get her home and then to the Bear Tooth.  We had to make some adjustments.  We saw the first film, The Guide which was a feel good film about a young man whose ambition is to be a tour guide at the Gorongosa National Park.  He's clearly very bright and a favorite of the foreigners working to develop the park.  We get to see him guide E.O. Wilson, the great biologist and ant expert.  The exchange between the 82 year old scientist and the young man is wonderful to watch. 

Our friend had gone in with us and the film ended just in time for Hank and Asha and we skipped out and watched Hank and Anna for the second time.  I was surprise to see James and Julia, the film makers there since they'd told me they were flying out before this showing.  (I put up video of the film makers in an earlier post.)  It turned out their flight was delayed due to weather in Chicago, so they got to answer questions after the film.  It's really a feel good film.  You can put it on your Netflix list, it's due out in April. 

Then to the Bear Tooth for the Taiwan and Gay-la movie Will You Still Love Me Tomorrow?  A fine movie about a guy who's been married nine years but it turns out he was actively gay before he got married and thought he could leave it behind.  But someone comes into his life.  It was very nicely done.  Unfortunately, it doesn't play again. 

And then back for the 9:45 by-popular-demand Alaska Sessions:  Surfing The Last Frontier.  This is an unexpected little jewel as they go by boat from Sitka to Homer for a month in the winter finding places to surf.  It breaks all the ice-box stereotypes of Alaska and the old body surfer in me could sit and watch them ride the waves all night.  A little less hyping Alaska would have made it a better film.  There's no need to tell people that Alaska is actually livable. 

Note:  The iPhone app apparently gave some people the wrong time for Hank and Asha and there's a chance - since the little theater was totally full - that another showing will be arranged, maybe Saturday.  Stay posted.  This is definitely worth seeing. 

Excuse the typos please.  These late night showings are killing me. 

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