Thursday, December 12, 2013

AIFF 2013: A Short Trip to Iran? See We Are All Fine Here

We don't see many Iranian films in Anchorage.  And even more seldom is Anchorage the location of the US premiere of an Iranian film.  And just as rarely, do we get the film makers to answer our questions after the film.  But all three are the case for Everything Is Fine Here.

Everything is Fine Here, is an interesting film, not only because it's from Iran today, but also because of its look and feel.  The film was not approved for filming in Iran - it's about a rape and the effect on the woman and those around her.  It moves at a slower pace than American movies, so be ready for that.

I asked the film makers - Pourya Azarbayjani and Mona Sartoveh - if they would say a few words in Farsi about being in Anchorage.  Here they are:


A bit of "life mimics art" -the young woman in the movie gets a scholarship to study a while abroad.  And the film maker, lands his film in the Anchorage International Film Festival and gets to go abroad too.

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