Monday, December 16, 2013

Clutter War: How Do I Throw These Things Away?

The Film Festival is pretty much over - just a couple best of the fest nights. 
Time to get back to normal life.  Our film maker guest departed last night. But we've got a Chinese teacher who's going to move in soon and his room has been our storage closet. 

So I went down to get something done there.  But much of what is stuffed in the closet is stuff that has already been sorted and retained two or three times already.  How do I throw this stuff away:

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  Here's the front - a porcupine.

Here's the back:

Do I need to keep this?  Of course not.  But how can I toss it?  Especially as I watch the little girl who made it raise her own daughter now? 

And this calendar will be good again in . . . 2040.  If I'd have cleaned this stuff earlier, I could have used it in 2112.


  1. To the one little problem of things of your children, my mother gave all her precious things to each of us boys before she passed. I so love having mine as a reminder of my childhood and as something my mother cherished. We are but memories soon enough. Besides, your daughter can use it to compare developmental progress! Peace.

  2. If you throw out those childhood things, you have no soul. And, my sister still talks about our mother throwing out her dolls. My sister is 65 years old! We just talked yesterday about a "journal" we made when we went to Death Valley complete with drawings. My sister was 6 and I was 12. She thinks our mother just thought is "was time" -- put away childish things, etc. and other odd ideas about "clutter" -- it's not. It's like baby pictures, but made by the baby!


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