Tuesday, December 31, 2013

2014 New Year's Res: Can Terror Management Lead to Better Time Management?

I used to be phenomenally well organized.  But after I retired I decided to become, not disorganized, but more like non-organized.  That led to occasional missed meetings and things not getting done (like the clutter room downstairs) and I learned to not worry about such things. 

But I do have to get that downstairs room cleaned up - we have someone moving into it in February - and I'm going to be teaching a class at UAA in the spring and that means deadlines I have to meet for the students' sakes.  Plus this blog has - so it tells me - 4387 published posts and 183 unpublished drafts.  I need to do some housekeeping here. I want to give readers better guidance to what's here.  What can I do with the redistricting posts?  What about the notes to readers that need updating?  And there are some academic articles to finish up and submit.

I can do this.  I know how.  But being non-organized for the last six or seven years has also helped me understand those of my students who could never get their work in on time.

I was already thinking about this when I heard the NPR piece on the tikker this morning.  A Swedish guy has created a wristwatch that tells you how much time you have until you die.  That's supposed to be a reminder to use the time you have on things you really want to do.  That's how I'd use it.  But the piece cited terror management experts who said that thinking about death makes people xenophobic.  I don't think that would be a problem for me, since I think of myself as part of the human tribe.

I don't usually do New Year's resolutions and this isn't so much of a resolution as a decision and the new year is a good time to start. 

Anyone else resolving things?  Don't worry if you're not.  Have a great new year's eve and day and may you enjoy the beauty around you in 2014.  It's there if you look. 


  1. Good observations on the life retired. Unfortunately, having become prematurely 'non-organised' moving countries I know it too well. With Eugene in full-time employment, I've found my interrupted work status tempting me to ease away from formerly disciplined ways: I've become too often that late-paper student.

    This year, if I hold a resolution at all, it's to challenge myself to restore an organised, younger mind-set. It's doesn't take much of an effort to see university study as a work-a-day challenge, does it?

    Ideas on getting back in shape are welcome, with my thanks!

  2. Jacob - I have a great system I used, but changes in technology made it harder to implement. I want Word Perfect 5.1 back! But I probably could and should to such a post. I don't think younger has anything to do with it though. That affects energy levels maybe, but not focus.


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