Friday, December 13, 2013

AIFF 2013: Choosing From So Many Good Options Friday

This is getting impossible.  There are too many options.  (Full schedule with links and times below.)

Lunch Discussion at 11:30 at the Bear Tooth:
"Guest speakers include: Tony Sheppard, AIFF founder; Ron Holmstrom, regional Screen Actors Guild Feature representative; Jerry Levine, producer, director and president of Connections Doc Film and Video; and other guests representing various groups who’ve been involved with 'Film in Alaska.'” 

This event doesn't conflict with any other event - except maybe your life.

The rest, I can only mention the films I've seen and I leave the rest for you to choose for yourself.  The links should help.

Eskimo Star - I saw a short portion of this a couple of years ago, if I remember correctly.  And I also knew Ted Mala the son of Ray back when I first got to Alaska in the late 70s.  Again, it doesn't conflict with any other events and what I saw before fills lots of Alaska and Hollywood history gaps.


Some of my favorite shorts will play at the Martini Matinee at 3:30 at the Inlet Towers: Animation Hotline* - one of the few animated films that had both great original visuals AND meaningful content.
Reel Life - a great filmic comment on film reality
The Words I Love -  learning language is a great interest of mine and it's told in it own original way  (I'd note that the film maker, 'Benz' Thamachart Siripatrachai, is staying with us.)
Mr. Super Juice* - won me over with its irreverence, it pulls no punches (or juices)
Coffee Time - This one is so unexpected.  I won't say anything about it, except to say it's delightful.  Not for children.

*also playing at 7:30 in the Animation Program.  Three others I really liked in that program:

The Rose of Turaida -  a beautiful and original animation style tells a Latvian legend.
Lost and Found - visually beautiful adaption of a children's book.based on Oliver Jeffers' award winning children's picture book
Mr Hublot -  Magnificent visuals.

The Guide - I also found this short from the Biology Gone Wild Docs Program definitely worth a view - an African young man wants to be a tour guide in Mozambique's Gorongosa National Park.  That's already a pretty good story, but it gets additional power by the appearance of an intellectual hero of mine - biologist E. O. Wilson - and his relationship with the young guide.  7pm

There are just too many movies. And too many of them overlapping.  I can tell you I really liked the ones mentioned above, but you might not.  Just jump in and pick something. 

11:30 AM

Event | 90 min.
Bear Tooth Theatre
1:20 PM
Book Signing | 80 min.
Bear Tooth Theatre
3:00 PM

Martini Matinee, Shorts Program | 100 min.
screens with...
Bear Tooth Theatre
6:00 PM

Documentary Program | 65 min.
screens with...
Alaska Experience Theater - Large Theater
7:00 PM

Documentary Program, Snowdance | 90 min.
screens with...
Wilda Marston Theatre at Z. J. Loussac Public Library
7:00 PM
Documentary Program | 88 min.
screens with...
Alaska Experience Theater - Small Theater
7:30 PM

Animation Program | 120 min.
screens with...
Anchorage Community Works
7:45 PM

Anthony Powell 2013 | Documentary | 92 min.
Alaska Experience Theater - Large Theater
8:00 PM

Sarah Knight 2012 | Feature | 96 min.
** Note: Filmmaker attending
Bear Tooth Theatre
9:30 PM

Quick Freeze | 120 min.
Anchorage Community Works
9:45 PM

Jason Butler, Brett Butler 2012 | Feature | 77 min.
Alaska Experience Theater - Large Theater
10:15 PM

Eric England 2013 | Feature | 84 min.

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