Friday, December 20, 2013

Alaska Redistricting Plan Now Final - Just The Bill Is Left To Settle

Fairbanks Superior Court Judge Michael McConahy made two short rulings [see both below] today.

The first declares the Alaska Redistricting Board's 2013 plan to be the official plan until the next decennial census.

You can see the statewide and area maps at the links below.

For all the other documents - including individual district maps - click here.

The second addresses a dispute between the parties - as I understand it - over who is the prevailing party and public interest litigant status.  The judge gives the parties until January 22, 2014 to file motions regarding those issues and how fees and costs should be allocated.

This will be of particular interest given the change in the law which has led the state to charge Vic Fischer and Bella Hammond for their litigation over Pebble Mine.   In this case, while the challengers did not prevail in this part of the litigation, they certainly prevailed in the earlier parts and I can't see how any objective person could believe this wasn't a public interest litigation that has benefited the state, even if they did not prevail in this last portion.

First order:  

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  1. That fact that public interest litigants can be stuck having to foot the bill for both sides legal fees is reprehensibly shameful.

    Who wrote that into law anyway? They need to be put on the list of people to be forcibly run out of government.

    Wielechowski is trying to change that despicable law and I hope he gets the support such change deserves.


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