Thursday, April 29, 2010

Berlin Spring, Superman Splats at Jewish Museum

Here are some pictures from the other day in Berlin.  The ones I couldn't post then.

View from upstairs of C's backyard.  C's out of town and we stayed at her place.  I first met her in 1964 when she was ten and I was a 19 year old student in Germany for a year.  Her mother was my step-father's cousin married to a gentile.  Both she and her mother, as I understand the story were able to avoid deportation because they were doing work needed during the war. 

I was told by a usually reliable source that these beetles are an invasive species.  This one is about an 3/4 inch long.

Not sure what these and some of the other flowers are.  Just that they were in C's backyard.

J is enjoying the sun with a book in C's backyard.


This was labeled a spinach/cheese Pide.  Here's the store below.

This restaurant is down the street aways from Checkpoint Charlie.

[UPDATE July 2, 2012:  I finally found my old (1964) Checkpoint Charlie photos.  You can see them here.]

And the Berlin Jewish Museum.

This was in front of the Jewish Museum.
[Update June 22:  I didn't take the time to look this up while traveling.  Here's the beginning of a Deutsche Welle article on this sculpture which was part of an exhibit on the Jewish origins of American superheroes:
On their way into the Jewish Museum, visitors these days will find themselves passing a sculpture entitled "Even Superheroes Have Bad Days." Superman appears to have crash-landed headfirst into the pavement. He might have ended up on a Berlin street, but where did Superman come from? It's a question the exhibition inside the museum sets out to answer.  (The rest is here.)]

Enjoying the warm weather at Victoria Park.

Enjoying the warm weather on Bergmanstrasse (I think.)