Monday, July 02, 2012

Clutter Wars: Old Photos - Checkpoint Charlie 1964-2010, Loussac Opening

My new strategy in the Clutter War is to get rid of things in the garage to make room for boxes from the house.  But I'm being distracted by what I'm finding - like old photos.

Here are some pictures from the year I was a student in Göttingen, Germany.  I'm in the window the day I painted my room in the Forum student housing building on Brüder Grimm Allee, on my scooter (I think it's a Lambretta, but I don't remember for sure and can't find pictures on line that match this model.  But I did find a history of the Lambretta here, beginning before it made scooters, including a 1939 declaration that the factory was  a "model of fascist establishment.") There's a picture of me at the Fasching Party and one with Claudia in Berlin at Schloss Charlottenbe[u]rg.  These are all 1964 and 1965,

In 2010 we visited Berlin and I took and posted this picture of Checkpoint Charlie which is now just a tourist attraction with a guy in a soldier suit in the middle of bustling Berlin.  But I couldn't find my old pictures until today.  The back of the 1964 picture says, "Checkpoint Charlie from ramp on Western Side looking over the wall.  Barbed wire on bottom of picture is on top of the wall."  That's me looking at the sign.   In those days the space between East and West Berlin was no-man's land and today it's just a historical footnote in the middle of Berlin at a point where you otherwise would have no idea this had been the border.

In the last set, you can see Loussac library at what I think was the official opening in 1986.  Then there are two kids preparing for Halloween (this picture is here for their spouses to enjoy).  And finally a picture my son took of his father during the red beard period.  I don't have exact dates but these are mid 1980s.  

OK, back to the garage.  I don't think I've made much room today.


  1. Things rule. We Serve.

    Just submit. They are stronger than we are.

  2. Love the pic with Claudia! - M.

  3. Thanks for the memories... maybe...why do I say this? I saw Berlin in 1985 when the Wall still divided the city and the country. Looking at grey apartment buildings' shuttered windows, walls still riddled with the impact of small ammo,I dealt with it until a group of helos ran the line. That's when I lost it. Though different from propeller sounds of fixed wing aircraft, it was enough to strangle my voice for more than an hour. I was there in 1944 when Bremerhaven was 95% destroyed in 20 minutes, because Hamburg was fogged in, running out of oxygen in a bunker designed for 700, but occupied by over 2,000. Anyway, I was only 4-1/2, but memories can be triggered, and those helos did it. PTSD happens. Now to my original reason: Charlottenburg is part of Berlin, Charlottenberg is in Sweden. fromthediagonal

  4. Just to clarify:
    When I said Thanks for the memories, I meant it.
    I thoroughly enjoy your posts though I do not often comment.


  5. That's the problem when you aren't just collecting the world's largest collection of pie tins and cottage cheese cartons. You get enmeshed every time you dive into the time capsule of the cool stuff you have accummulated. My son who threatens to just shovel everything out an upper window into a dumpster disappeared for 2 hrs upstairs in the storage room (aren't they all?) and was heard chortling several times during that period. When he came down, he said he had been reading all his early essay assignments and looking at his pictures and writings from 1-6 grade. Yes, Virginia, somebody did keep your letter--and your pictures of Santa Claus.

    Keep up the good work. Don't take that 5-day challenge too seriously. If your piles aren't just detritis, they will take you much, much longer to get lost in.

    Read you often, enjoy it always,

    KJ in OR

  6. Thanks all for the encouragement. I had a big boost yesterday - got rid of an old dresser that's been in the garage via craigslist.


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