Friday, April 02, 2010

Lt. Gov. Craig Campbell is NOT Running for Lt. Governor

I just heard that Lt Gov. Craig Campbell has decided not to run to keep his office.  He did move into the office after former Gov. Palin resigned and Sean Parnell moved into the Governorship.  It also means that Rep. Jay Ramras has one less obstacle in his run for the Lt. Governor position.  He had already raised quite a bit more money than had Campbell.

The mainstream Republicans in Alaska and their oil company supporters that were so inconvenienced by Sarah Palin's 2006 primary and then general election victories (not to mention the FBI investigations,) have been sniping at Gov. Parnell all session apparently hoping to keep him from having any real programmatic victories to take into the 2010 election.  Now they've managed to peel away his Lt. Governor.  It's completely possible, of course, that his explanation - "to pursue other opportunities" - is accurate.  But who is offering those opportunities?  Future events may or may not make this all clear.


  1. Craig Campbell decided not to run because he's afraid he'll be investigated for ethics violations while commanding the Alaska Guard and giving special favors to his cronies. He is nothing but a sleazebag coward. Alaska should be happy this lowlife quit.

  2. Anon you raise an issue I hadn't raised, but also push my comments criteria by using personal insults. I encourage you to try this again, but replace 'sleazebag coward' and 'lowlife' with specific incidents that bring you to that conclusion.

  3. Hi Steve, I am anonymous because I don't want my Guardsman husband retaliated against. I won't change anything (sleazebag, coward, lowlife) because it's the truth. Please refer to Andrew Halcro's article about the Alaska Guard and Guardsmen replying anonymously. It is evident that the Alaska Guard has a problem and it's called lack of ethical leadership. Maybe you're one of the cronies discussed at his confirmation hearing. So Stevie, get a grip,because I don't have to answer to you. From the Anon Wife

  4. Hi Back Anon Wife,

    I'm not sure what got you so miffed. It was not intended. In my world 'sleazebag' and 'slimeball' are simply derogatory words that express the speakers' anger. In cases where everyone knows all the parties involved and witnessed the incidents, such names may work fine.

    But where people don't know the facts well, such language tends to reflect more on the speaker than on the target. I simple 'encouraged you' to supply some of the facts that led you to that conclusion.

    You did suggest Halcro's post (but left it for me to get the link.) I had no problem up to that point.

    And raising the possibility that I'm a crony of Campbell is a reasonable question to ask. (I'm not. I didn't even know who he was when I saw him last week. Someone had to tell me.)

    But where did this come from?

    "So Stevie, get a grip,because I don't have to answer to you."

    No, you don't have to answer to me, but you are writing on my blog, and I do ask that commenters refrain from personal insults. Blogspot provides an easy way for bloggers to delete comments that don't adhere to the blog's comment guidelines.

    Blogspot also makes it easy for anyone to set up a blog and maintain it the way they like it. So having a blog is something anyone with internet connection can do. On this blog my preference is to have a certain tone of civility and reason. If you have a blog, I'm sure you want it to reflect your values as well. I do encourage different ideas, but I want them to be expressed in a way that readers get facts that help them come to conclusions. And I give people some leeway. If I didn't, I wouldn't have left your original post.

  5. I apologize Steve. I was lost in the moment and am trying to get a grip on myself as my husband was treated so badly while in the Alaska Guard by Campbell's cronies. My husband is a decent, honorable soldier and made the mistake of speaking out about unethical situations. He was reprimanded severly and he had just returned from his second tour in Afghanistan. He served America with great honor and is a wonderful family man. I apologize for my tangent.

  6. Anon - I really appreciate your follow up. I won't presume to understand what you are going through, but I could hear the anger, and knew there was more. This last comment of yours powerfully supplements the previous comments. And it reinforces my resolve to politely challenge comments like the first ones in hopes of making a connection. I wish you and your family all the best.

    If the Guard problems is a continuing story that should be followed up on, you can email me privately.

  7. Thanks Steve but there is no point in "beating a dead horse." The Guard should have been investigated years ago but everyone feared for their jobs and careers. The "good old boys" have taken over and I'm relieved we are no longer involved but I feel for those left to bear the burden of a cronyism, "kiss up" etc Unit that was handed down by Campbell and Kackus (spelling). They have no integrity or ethics.

  8. I Steve. It's anonymous again but in reality I am anonymous's sister who has been appalled at the lack of integrity and ethics in this Guard unit originally commanded by Kacass (spelling on purpose) and Campbell. We are intelligent people and can't be manipulted. My sister's husband, who is a real war hero, has been treated unfairly by Campbell and Campbell knows it. He is nothing but a dishonest coward. I am doing my law internship and have been researching this situation. I intend to get the "prick." Sorry Steve is that offends you.


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