Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Juneau Anchorage with Juneau Folkies

Unfortunately, the closest we got to the Juneau Folk Festival was at the airport today. What with getting ready to go, the session heating up, but mostly J's foot needing to rest, I didn't get to the event everyone told me I needed to go to. What can I say? But clearly our plane had its share of folkies. Here are some at the airport.

We boarded and took off without incident. It wasn't long before we were in the clouds.

And soon we were approaching Anchorage, a sight I never tire of. 

As you can see, the clouds ended just before Anchorage.
As we flew over Anchorage and then across the inlet and back to land from the North, I was already thinking how flat it all looks.

  The mountains aren't vertical walls right downtown.  

After I managed to get most of the stuff out of the suitcases and scattered all over the house, J thought I should go to the post office and see about the mail.  Realizing that the streets were all snow free, I decided to get on my bike for the first time in - four or five months I'd guess.  I did stay on the sidewalks rather than try the bike trails.  As I passed Chester Creek trail along Lake Otis, I knew that was a good decision.  They looked really slushy and unridable.   The streets and sidewalks look much cleaner than last year, but the trails look much worse.

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