Saturday, April 24, 2010

Busy Saturday in Berlin - Football, Protests (Scientology and Munzur Dam), Food

We were invited (through my daughter) to two movie showings today.  A world premiere partly made by the son of someone we know at a theater that has operated since silent movies and a showing of another short film made by the boyfriend of M's friend. In between we walked around. Here are some pictures that will give you a little look at the city we experienced today.

 There were lots of people with blue and white towels headed for a football game. 

They obviously take this seriously and despite the fact that their team is not doing well, they made lots of noise at a number of the U-Bahn stations.

Random shot from the S-Bahn (train that tends to be above ground)

Here we are outside the Bablylon Kino (Movie) where our friend's son's movie was being shown.  I didn't write down the name.  It was a 45 minute short and I didn't understand a lot of what they said.  It was an experimental/art film according to the person who introduced it. [Later: Wait, I do have it, "Alles an mir". But don't wait for it to come to a theater near you. It's 40 minutes and rather dark.]

This is inside the theater which is quite elegant.  The seats were not only comfortable, but there was plenty of room for someone to walk by.

After the crew and cast who were there went  up front.

If I've kept things straight, we are now at Potsdamer Platz to meet M's frined.

This man is warning people about Scientology.  You can see another man on the same mission below along with the redshirted scientologists in the background.  He said he wears the mask because the scientologists otherwise would track him donw and harass him as they did to someone several years ago. 

Someone was passing out green fliers about stopping the Turkish government from building a dam that would destroy the Munzur National Park

We had dinner in a Turkish restaurant.  Prices are in Euros

Here's the bread that came with dinner.

I'll post another one, but this is long enough for now.


  1. Herta Berlin is a quite well known football team. Some Hungarian players have played in this team.


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