Monday, April 19, 2010

Random DC Shots

Our son's welcome to DC kit included two Metro tickets with plenty of rides on them.  So we walked to DuPont Circle and rode to the mall where we checked out the National Museum of the American Indian and the Hirshhorn.  I'll do each of those separately, but here are some non-museum shots.

The license plates in DC don't have some bland platitude.  Instead they are lobbying for meaningful representation in Congress.  I just read it may happen - at least a member of the House, but only in exchange for giving up gun control laws.

With the U.S. House of Representatives scheduled to vote as early as Wednesday, opposition is building locally to a proposal that would grant the District its first voting member in Congress but would repeal most of the city's gun-control laws.

There are embassies everywhere we walk.  Here's the Sierra Leone embassy.  Can you find Sierra Leone on a map?  Do you know the capital? 

Here we are riding the escalator down into the DuPont Circle Metro Station.

This is looking back up as we're still headed down.

Toward the end of the outing - actually, we didn't get out until the afternoon anyway - we headed up 6th for a roundabout trip to Union Station to meet J and his Singapore classmate at Union Station.  You can see the Newseum on the right behind the trees. 

J1 had told us he wasn't impressed with the Newseum, but it did have the front page of a newspaper from every state, so I got to see the faces of two Alaska legislators there on the streets of DC.

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  1. I had a foster child in Sierra Leone, but that terminated suddenly, as was the previous one in South America. The explanation was that they did not need help anymore. Only later on I found out that there were attacks by enemy forces. GRS


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