Friday, April 16, 2010

Tangible Evidence You've Done Something

I've caught a bad case of procrastination in the last year or two. I find tangible evidence of accomplishment a real help. One technique is a todo list with lots of tasks that can be checked off when I get them done. At the end, I can see how much I did.

Another technique is to take pictures. Before. After. Like these, to remind me what it was like before.

Still needs some cleaning up, but all that stuff that came out of the suitcases has been put away. 

Now we get to repack, but carry-on only this time.   

Or this:

Given that this is mid April and we're leaving for a month, I probably didn't have to clear the snow off the deck.  It will take care of itself.  But it was nice to be outside and moving snow.  And our house sitter will get to use the deck sooner. 

Digital cameras and phones with cameras make taking these before and after pictures easy.  I love looking at the before pictures.  Better yet showing J that I did move from the computer while she was gone.  The blog probably has a similar use.  It leaves evidence I did something. 


  1. That room looks very familiar to me. DZ

  2. Can't imagine how procrastination fits what with the last legislative session's blogging accomplished: you really gave a first-person perspective on what it's like and gave some of us farther-flung residents an honest account of what exactly goes on down there.
    Then again, there's a mighty pile of dishes looming in the background (... just ... one ... more ... post...)

  3. DZ - before or after?

    Thanks Jamie. Yes, the blog allowed me to avoid all the other things I had to do.


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