Sunday, April 04, 2010

Juneau First Friday April

This was our third first Friday.  This is a activity we don't take part in at home in Anchorage because we can't just walk out the door and have four or five stops within easy walking distance.

I have to say the variety that we saw Friday was quite amazing for just three show.  Juneau really smart and talented folks.  It was Sue Kraft's "Familiar Places" at the State Museum. All the paintings were local spots.  And some very familiar to us.  Like Observatory Books.

And though we didn't know it as "Metcalfe Manor," this house is so close to where we live, the house we live in is in this picture as well. 

The State Museum even provided jazz for the evening.

 Brian Wallace had a great exhibit of musician photos, including a number which featured the same artist photographed years apart, and I believe most pictures were related to the Juneau folk festival which begins next week.

Then we walked over to the Juneau Arts and Humanities Council where they had a show of UAS students competition pieces.

 Then off to the Canvas. 

I couldn't help playing with the top set of knots once I got it on the computer.

Here's the artist MK MacNaughton.  She'll probably hate this post because I focused on the strings and paper knots instead of her pencil drawings.  Sorry.


  1. Nice post! I live in Juneau and have never heard of the Canvas...where is that?

  2. From their website:

    The Canvas is located downtown at 223 Seward Street in Juneau, Alaska, 99801. Tel: 907-586-1750. Email:

    The Canvas provides studio, pottery, and gallery facilities for the Juneau arts community. Our goal is to provide a supportive environment that fosters creativity and inclusion of adults with disabilities through shared art experiences and exhibitions. All ages, skill levels and abilities are welcome to our wide array of class offerings, events, and more! Below are some upcoming offerings:"

  3. They have great classes there. My dad has gotten into pottery, and also taken a jewelry making class. My mom took a marimba class there a few weeks ago. It's a great asset to the community.

    (I love the painting of the Observatory book store, also)

  4. Oh, when I was a kid, it was Behrends Dept. Store. The section where the canvas is was the men's department!


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