Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Juneau Choose Respect March

The Governor's Respect March t to raise awareness about sexual assault and challenge Alaskans to Choose Respect went down Main Street from the Capitol steps. 

The colorful orange and yellow feathered wings are worn by a group of local Filipinos originally from Panay Island in the Philippines.

There's Sen. Fred Dyson with the tie.

I figure there were around 250-300, but that's a very rough estimate.  That's about a 75,000 NYE (New York Equivalent.)

The speech making was very brief.  The electricity was not working.  And I get the
impression Governor Parnell is a low profile person. 

Here he is talking to the news media after the brief talk.

I spotted about ten legislators, though I'm sure there must have been more there.  I feel like with all those people and media there, it would have been a great time to let some people talk about the problem and the programs the Governor has in mind. This was a lunch hour march, so maybe the Governor kept things short so that state workers would get back to work.

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