Monday, March 08, 2010

Cliff Groh Speculates on Why Young and Ben Stevens Unindicted

Alaska attorney Cliff Groh, who's writing a book on the Ted Stevens' investigation and trial, has posted his speculation on why Don Young and Ben Stevens haven't been indicted yet.
Here are some of his key points, and then he fills a lot in between these lines.  Check out the whole post at his blog Alaska Political Corruption.
1. The Department of Justice appears to feel both singed and relatively short-staffed after the Ted Stevens case blew up and former legislators Pete Kott and Vic Kohring got out of prison. . .
The meltdown of the Ted Stevens prosecution and the continuing revelations of the prosecution’s failures have put a cloud over the lawyers best-informed about the Alaska public corruption investigation and dirtied up the government’s primary cooperating witnesses. . .
UPDATE (March 7): Bill Allen is less likely to be cooperative as a federal witness against Ben Stevens or Don Young if Allen comes to believe that the Anchorage police--or especially the federal government--is investigating him for allegedly committing sex crimes. . .

2. A controversy over the constitutionality over one of the feds’ primary weapons against public corruption has appeared to make them wary about bringing more complicated cases in this area. . .

3. The combination of his extensive financial disclosures and—perhaps—his relative invisibility on incriminating tapes may help prevent the prosecution of Ben Stevens, and Don Young’s apparent receipt of things of relatively little value may be aiding Alaska’s only Congressman avoid charges. . .

Again, you can read the Cliff's detailed explanation at his blog, Alaska Political Corruption.

1 comment:

  1. 1. They will never again use Bill Allen as a witness.

    2. Good point.

    3. I agree. This investigation was enormously expensive, with not a lot to show for it.

    4. I had a great talk with Vic Kohring Saturday afternoon in Wasilla. He looks well. His hair is short and groomed. He is fighting his "case," and having back surgery, with more coming. Unlike some, he thinks Sully stole the $174,000.


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