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Black Bugs - Google Searches for Jan/Feb 2010

My notes for this bi-monthly post mostly got wiped out because blogspot saves changes almost instantly.  I hit something accidentally and everything disappeared.  I hit Control Z (Undo) but it didn't come back.  Blogspot instantly saved my changes and so wiped out everything I had saved for five weeks, but not posted.  It was gone forever.

So, necessity being the mother of invention, I'm looking at this regular google search post from a different angle this month.  It seems a lot of people have little black bugs.  So, for the last three weeks of February, these are some of the ways people got to my post 
Tiny Black Bugs - Fruit Fly or Fungus Gnat?

black bugs flying around house plants - New York
black gnats in house - from somewhere in Eastern time zone.
black tiny non-fruit flies - Louth, Lincolnshire, UK
"fruit flies" "house plants" "fungus gnats" - Palisades Park, New Jersey
fungi gnats - London
fungus gnat - Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
fungus gnats picture - Quebec
fungus gnats versus fruit fly
gnats black - San Mateo, California
gnats bugs - from Friendswood, Texas.
fungus gnats bananas -  San Antonio, Texas
fungus gnat larvae -Odessa, Texas
house gnats - Pacific Coast Time
how to eliminate tiny fruit fly -US eastern standard time
insects homes colorado tin - Littleton, Colorado
little flies in houseplants - Brggen, Germany
little tiny black bugs that skip and fly and infest my house - Orlando, Florida
photos of small black flying gnats - St. Louis, Missouri
pics, gnats in my plants that bite - Houma, Louisiana [extension service said they don't bite]
pictures of gnats and fruit flies - Vienna, Virginia
picture of soil gnats - Seattle
show me pictures of all gnats - Houston, Texas
small black bugs in house - central Canada
mall black bugs that look like fruit flies - Newport Beach, California
small black flies related to fruit flies - Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
small black insect fruit - from Nerang, Queensland, Australia
small dark flies in my hous - Black Diamond, Alberta, Canada
small flying black bugs in kitchen picture - Hawaii time zone
small gnats february seattle wa - Boise, Idaho
tiny black aphids on houseplants - Champlin, Minnesota
tiny black flies in offic
tiny black flies in seattle - Lynnwood, Washington
tiny black flies on car - Bellingham, WA
tiny black gnats - Liverpool, New York<
tiny black insects in house thailand - Thailand
tiny flies in houseplants? - US Central Time
tiny fruit flies - mountain time
tiny fruit flies - This one was from the US Dept. of Agriculture in Livonia, New York
what are small black flying gnat like bugs in winter time - Kansas City, Missouri
what are small black insects on my houseplant - Eastern Standard Time
winter gnat

And a few of the other terms that were interesting to me:

kiwi oatmeal - Got to my low calorie oatmeal post.  There's a regular trickle of people searching for low calorie oatmeal, but this is the first one I've seen that included kiwi in the search. Good to know I'm not the only one who sees the potential of cooking kiwi in oatmeal. (The fruit, not the bird.)  

pantsof Korean - got to a picture of the Pope

what ethical obligations do you personally feel towards wolves and whales? - Got to one of the Google Search posts and then went to "To Live and Die in Wales, Alaska"

what to do with tight stomach on botton left side and retum feel funny to can't move my bowels what to do - This one from Surprise, Arizona got to the main page.

stink pen with an ordinary matches - got to the picture (left) of S holding his bottle of homemade pig stink mitigator

pictures of elephants in the hospital having a baby - and I do have pictures of an elephant hospital in the Thai elephant conservation center post. But not having a baby.

Yahoo v. Google

This first one below is a Yahoo search with what the person got from the Yahoo search page.  I don't see any of the words they were searching for (except 'a' and 'the' and 'to'.)  I probably have some of those words on my blog, but you'd think they would highlight them in the search findings. i am a pharmacist in vietnam,when i live in the u.s.a do i have to study from the beginning pharmacy degree

Here's a google search that also isn't really related to anything on my blog, but at least all six words - even if not in order - were on the page they found:

hercules caucus who ate cows

What Do I know?: Cow Parsnip - Heracleum

The genus is named for Hercules, who is reputed to have used these plants for medicine. Early in each year, Native Americans peeled and ate the young sweet, .... University Caucus Formation Love Fest · Alaska Community Services Lobbying ... - Cached   


For people who are wondering how I know about these searches and where they come from, I use Sitemeter.  You can go to the sitemeter button on the right hand column and see what information is available by clicking on the number which is around 176,000 now.  Here's a picture of what it looks like.  This is an image (not actual text) so the link there doesn't work.  Actually, I could link it, but then you wouldn't find again, so go look.  While Sitemeter gives the choice to have the data private, I leave it open so people can see what kind of data are collected.

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  1. Okay, I've had a blog for five whole days now, and I had time to add some widgets and a site meter today (thanks for the link to the site meter). Took me a little while to figure out how to add the site meter. I was looking for it under "add a gadget." Not the right place to do it.


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