Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Getting Out of Downtown for Breakfast Sunday

[I thought this one had gone up already, but I see it didn't.]

The last time I was here, two and a half years ago, only the tent/shed was there.  M has been building the house  and the family is living in it. 

S is a full time pirate these days.


The boat's in the backyard.

They said these were jelly mushrooms and Bird's Nest Mushrooms.

Then we went over to the rocky beach.  The sky was bright and clear, the air was in the 30s, and with a strong north wind, I was getting cold. 

But it was spectacular.

And as we walked back to the house we passed a neighbor child who was playing in a little swimming pool.  He was in the sun, and the deck may have been protected from the wind, and maybe there was warm water in the pool, but I had been fooled by the sun into dressing too lightly for the chill wind, and I was cold.

Then off to another spot on the water.

Where S showed me this titled little cabin in the parking lot.  It was good to see another part of Juneau where people live in the woods and near the water.  But I'm not into driving 20 miles each way every day.  But it was beautiful. 

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