Tuesday, March 09, 2010

Capitol Shots: Vic Fischer, Dave Donaldson, Rep. Gutenberg, Bill Sheffield, Max Gruenberg at Work

Here are some pictures from today.  I'm also working on some video.  My brain was full about 3:00pm.  Then got a nice call from my son who was walking his dog in what he described as the first non-winter day in Washington DC, a balmy 60˚ or so.  Warm as Juneau has been, we haven't even seen 50s.  J1's call gave me a little energy boost.  So now I'll put up some pictures and try to make sense of things later.

I ran into Vic Fischer, one of the delegates to the Alaska Constitutional Convention and got to ask a few questions about Constitutional intent.  Talking to him in the the Capitol hallway was a great way to get to meet people I didn't know. 

One of the  people I met was Dave Donaldson of APRN.  If you've ever listened to Alaska Public Radio news, you've heard his voice. (He's at the bottom of the page in the link.)

Rep. Dave Guttenberg had a question for Vic (I'm not being overly familiar, I've known Vic a long time because I worked in the same space as ISER (Institute for Social and Economic Research) at UAA) about Constitutional intent regarding the Boundary Commission.  There have been a lot of hearings titled "Boundary Commission" this session that I've stayed away from, but today I got an introduction.  I have some of this conversation on video which I'll try to get up later. 

Here's former Governor and current Anchorage Port Authority Director Bill Sheffield signing a photograph for Rep. Bill Stoltze.

And here's a followup discussion about HB 409 (actually Committee Substitute now)  in Rep. Gruenberg's office. On the left is Rep. Gruenberg's staffer Ted Madsen and on the right is Rep. Lynn's staffer Mike Sica, and in the background Rep. Gruenberg is listening to Leg Legal's Alpheus Bullard discussing changes on the phone.

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  1. Love it - Sheffield signing a photo for one of the most right-wing members of the legislature.


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