Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Alaska Constitutional Convention Delegate Vic Fischer Discusses the Boundary Commision with Rep. Guttenberg

Vic Fischer is one of, I believe, three surviving delegates to the Alaska Constitutional Convention.  I suspect that Hawaii is the only other state that might have writers of their Constitution still alive.  So when Vic is standing around in the Capitol in Juneau, lots of people come by to say hello.  Tuesday while I was talking to Vic, Rep. Guttenberg asked him a question about the Boundary Commission.  The legislature just passed the 45 day deadline to pass legislation regarding an annexation in Fairbanks that was decided by the Boundary Commission.  As they were talking I realized this was a unique moment - a legislator discussing  Constitutional intent concerning the Boundary Commission with one of the writers of the State Constitution,.  So I started my camera.  Later both gave permission to post it.  [Fishcher photo from University webpage on creating the Alaska Constitution.]

By the way, that's Rep. Bob Lynn of Anchorage mugging in the background toward the end.

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