Wednesday, March 24, 2010

SB 220 Alaska Sustainable Energy Act Lunch Overview

Senate Resources Committee Co-chairs Senators Bill Wielechowski and Lesil McGuire hosted a pizza lunch as their staffers Michele Sydeman and Mike Pawlowski discussed SB 220 and what they learned during a summer trip around the state - alternative energy projects that worked, state programs people liked, and what's in the current bill.
[This was last week, but it took a while to get the video done.]

The report was quite detailed and I looked in vain for the power point online where they suggested to look.  But here's a link to all the documents up with the bill on BASIS.

I was impressed by the quality of the presentation - it gave a clear overview of the bill and various projects around the state, plus it gave a fair amount of detail.

The first video offers some snippets from the presentation, enough to give you a sense of it.

Given the fast pace of the legislature, where no one seems to be able to put more than a few minutes together before they are interrupted, I was curious how this report and the bill had gotten the quiet time necessary to put something like this together. So, when I saw Sen. Bill Wielechowski in the hallway after the presentation I asked him.

I'd also note that one of the peculiarities of the bi-partisan majority in the Senate is the amount of cooperation between the Republicans and Democrats, as with these two co-chairs, a Democrat (Wielechowski) and a Republican (McGuire).

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