Tuesday, March 09, 2010

New Snow and LOTS OF WIND

We woke up Monday to more snow than there's been since we got here mid January. That isn't saying a lot, but for the first time there was snow on the walkway from our front door to the gate to the street, so I shoveled it, well scraped it off is probably more accurate.

This picture was still from inside and eating breakfast.

And this is on the way to work. I've got a picture of this 
lawn almost green a couple of weeks ago.

And the totems were dusted too.

J had tutored at a housing project on Douglas Island. It's really not that far - maybe a mile and a half - but I suggested she take a bus back because it was so windy. It says 'gusts up to 50 mph.' But she wanted to get her walk in, so I started out to meet her. This view is from the bridge over Calhoun near the Fifth Street stairs. You can see the water in the channel. Then I got into wind that definitely required conscious attention to stay upright. I haven't figure out how to photograph the wind, except for flags.  Today needed a video and audio, but even then the full effect wasn't visible in the branches of the trees. An example:  a light wind can lift a baseball cap fairly easily, but I had to hold on to my knit wool cap because I could feel it being tugged off. 

Fortunately, it was warm enough that the slush on the sidewalks was more soft than icy. J said, and I surely believe it, that the wind had been worse crossing the bridge.

A good thing about not having a car is that you aren't even tempted not to walk on days like this. We definitely get more every day exercise than at home.

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