Friday, March 19, 2010

Early Evening Stroll on the Waterfront

Gulls in the water in Gastineau Channel.

Mt. Juneau from the waterfront.

I guess I always had a fascination for under the pier.

Identifying gulls is always a problem for me.  But I thought this was distinct enough I should be able to nail it.  (Double click the pictures to enlarge them.)  It looked like a herring gull.
  • Yellow beak with red spot - yes
  • Flesh-colored legs- yes
  • Yellow eyes - no
  • jet black wing tips from above and below, with two white spots - from the top, but not the bottom.  Plus it looks like three spots.
  • Pale gray mantle - yes
This is in the downtown Juneau library.

From the Hanger on Gastineau Channel

Mannequin in Hanger shop window.

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  1. The English have an understated way of handling the dog waste problem. I like the wording of a street sign in London: "Any person in charge of a dog that fouls the public footway is subject to a fine of £20."

    That was about $40 when I was last there.


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