Saturday, April 02, 2011

"those nights when you can't sleep,it might be because you're awake in someone else's dream film" - More Google Search Terms

It's been a while. Here are some more interesting search terms people used to get here.

samsui women - Google really screws up here.  I posted about a movie called Samsui Women - who had been brought to Singapore to do manual labor.  This searcher was in Singapore.  But Google took the searcher to a post on Ukrainian women.

"my year in germany "  -  How did this one (from Karlsruhe, Germany) get to "How To Pronounce Kalenchoe?" I checked. The comments on this post got into correct and incorrect pronunciation and grammar in general. And in my response, I wrote, "My year in Germany taught me things like why it's "I" or "me" in different cases. But years of teaching also taught me that the actual content is more important than fussing over minor typos. . ."

number of people that had a watch in 1910 - interesting question that wasn't answered here.  Searcher got to famous people born in 1910. 

how move on from ipv "intimate partner violence" and meet new guy - I hope she got some help from the post on a ipv prevention meeting.  Good luck!

how much pfd fund a month i'll get in alaska  - this came from someone in New Haven, Connecticut.  Was the person thinking the oil money dividend we all get each year was worth moving to Alaska for?  He got a page from last year at application time on the Fund . Remember, we all live in igloos, use dog sleds, it's dark all winter, and the one day of summer each year, we get devoured by giant mosquitoes.

those nights when you can't sleep,it might be bacause you're awake in someone else's dream film  -  Wow, that's an interesting thought!  Google guided this Russian image browser to this shot from a post on the movie Inception.  Which is relevant to being in other people's dreams.

how do they get the wires across mountains - This searcher got to a post entitled Man on Wire Raises Interesting Questions - about the movie on the man who walked from one of the World Trade Center towers to the other on a wire.  They got the wire across to the other building with a bow and arrow, but I don't think  they get them across mountains that way.

set up educatoin inside of ten states of south sudanese, then foreigners countries you could think off,or forget it. - A lot of Google searches sound a lot like classroom assignments. This one was a Yahoo search from Kansas City, MO and I like how he added on a bit of what he thought about this assignment.   It didn't say what page he got to here.

how to japanese gift wrap a football - There was nothing about footballs in the post on Japanese cloth gift wrapping, furoshiki.

does idaho exist - I do have a post on this and the importance of studying philosophy, but what struck me about this search is where it came from:
ISP         State of Nebraska / Office of the CIO

did sarah palin and frank prewitt ever work together?  - This got to the review on Prewitt's The Last Bridge to Nowhere.  I don't recall any stories of them working together. 

will my boyfriend in jail know i am corresponding with other inmates on corrlinks - I don't think corrlinks will tell him, but the other inmates might, especially when they want to push his buttons.  My post on email for federal prisoners didn't answer this question.

I think one could write a book of short stories just by creating a back story of google search terms.

oh my god he killed kenny g pat metheny -  I get a fair number of hits on variations of "Pat Metheny on Kenny G" but this is the most extreme to find the posts on this topic.

what famous people were born from illegal parents in american - I'm considering just what 'illegal parents' might mean. They stole the baby? They broke the mommy and daddy laws? Probably the searcher merely meant the parents were criminals. He got famous people born in 1909.

foot bones side
bones of the foot
foot bones  - Suddenly, one day (March 14) I was getting hits with these terms (about a dozen) and going to a post with an xray of my wife's heal fracture. The post has been up almost a year and only today have I noticed people getting there. I googled to see if it had just moved up on google. I went through about ten pages and then switched to google images and still nothing. Then I noticed it didn't say "google." It said "" That turns out to be google on internet explorer, but when I checked back, I was getting people from as well. But I also found a post at PC world discussing a flaw in that allows 'politically motivated attacks." It wasn't clear what that meant, but I don't use ie so I'm not worried. Oh, yes, google takes them to "Life's Little Surprises." 
After more hits and more exploring, a picture of foot bones I borrowed for that post - and gave credit for - is high on the google image searches.  (The first person I noticed had clicked on a picture of  my wife's foot xray which I did take myself.)

Mental paradise -  I like those two words together.  I need to stop and think more about the concept.  The searcher found a picture of birds of paradise in the Singapore Bird Park and a page of Singapore posts.  But it must have been ok cause she spent 23 minutes here.

syllables in meandering - Never thought about it, but if you read this word, it would be logical to assume it is  "méan-der-ing" not what we actually say "me-án-der-ing."  Such a good word!  This searcher from India got to a page about Charles Dickens praising meandering at the beginning of David Copperfield. 

    if i give the fbi information does that make me guilty - Some searchers ask questions that make me wish I could call them up and talk to them.  There's obviously an interesting story here from this east coast query.  I don't think the person got the answer they were searching for in the post about the FBI 'whistle-blower' complaint.

things to hate about rafael nadal - There may be some perfectly good explanation for this search, but on the face of it, I find it troubling. Does one have to go looking for things to hate?   The search got to a story on Nadal's coach/uncle.

i know a little bit of this and that blog alaska - I love how the human mind sort of mushes things together and gets close.  If we assume that this blogger actually was trying to get here and was trying to remember the name of the blog, then she would have been conflating the title - What Do I Know? - with the tag line in the heading - this and that as things come up.  Or maybe that person was looking for something else altogether and google delivered her here.

my aunt's husband died we are estranged what to do - Oh Google, how could you do this?  This is where humans beat computer algorithms.  First, there's a talent to writing good search terms and this googler is asking a really open ended question. But evil google saw the words "estranged" and "husband" and took this person to a post entitled Woman Bites Off Estranged Husband's Penis. The aunt's husband is dead google, this isn't the answer.

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