Friday, April 01, 2011

Julie Kitka: "In democracies, respecting rights isn't a choice leaders make day by day, it's the reason why they govern." (Video)

Thursday afternoon, Julie Kitka, President of the Alaska Federation of Natives, testified before the Alaska Redistricting Board meeting in Anchorage.  Here's a video of her testimony.  She talked about the importance of Alaska Natives getting fair representation in the legislature. 

Sitting next to Kitka is Natalie Landreth, staff attorney Native American Rights Fund.

Afterward, there were questions. Board attorney Michael White asked her, about an issue that came up in Kotzebue:  whether each specific identity - such as Aleut, Yupik, Athabascan, etc. - needs its own separate representation or whether grouping 'Alaska Natives' would be acceptable in order to get large enough districts.

[I loaded this in YouTube because the Viddler connection kept breaking.]

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