Tuesday, April 05, 2011

Anchorage Spring - Mallards, Tulips, More Snow

I generally add 'just' in front of mallard, because the ducks are so common.  But every now and then I am reminded how beautiful they are.  That happened yesterday.  Maybe it was the light, maybe their feathers are more brilliant as they get ready for mating season.  But these birds were brilliant. 

And I was going to take a picture of our tulips popping up through the mulch of old leaves in front of the house yesterday.  But I didn't get around to it.  It's a totally different picture today. 

As we got several inches of fresh snow and it's still coming down. 


  1. Our first signs here is the return of the tundra swans!
    Love the idea of tulips coming up. Might have to see if I can do that out in our area of AK.
    Thanks for the peeks of spring!

  2. Two mallards just landed in the swamp behind my house yesterday. First ducks of the year.

  3. It is 15-20 Celsius here, so spring is here in Hungary.


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