Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Delta Junction and Tok, Nome and Kotzebue, Unalaska and Cold Bay - Your Turn with Redistricting Board Today, Tuesday

The Board members are headed out in pairs Tuesday, April 26 and altogether they'll visit 6 locations.  They've completed two options for the draft plan.  Now they have until June 14 to submit a final plan.  So now is your chance to tell them what's good and bad about what they've done with your districts.

The board will have statewide maps to hand out at the meetings and lots of maps on the wall, but if you want the detailed maps of your own districts go to their website where you can download pdf files and print them out.  Click for the option 1 maps and the option 2 maps. 
You  can get maps of the current districts here.

According to staff, board chair, John Torgerson, former legislator from Fairbanks, and board member Bob Brody, a Kodiak Realtor, will be in Delta Junction and Tok.

Delta Junction folks - Your meeting is 10 - 12 noon at the Delta Junction City Council Chambers.   In Option 1 you are in District 2 and in Option 2 you are in District 12.

The proposed districts go from almost Fairbanks along the mainly on the east of the Richardson Highway to Valdez and most of Prince William Sound except for Whittier. 


The only difference I can tell is that Option 2 includes a lot of land with few if any people - much of it around the Denali Highway almost to Cantwell. You can get a pdf of District 12 here.

Tok folks - Your meeting is from 3pm - 5pm at the Tok Legislative Information Office.  Your district 6 is the super district.  It goes from Southwest Alaska (Holy Cross, Anvik) up north (Wiseman, Venetie) over and around Fairbanks (Nenana, Manley Hot Springs, Ester) and then down along the Canadian Border (Eagle) south Chitina and McCarthy.)

AK Redistricting Board Op1Dist6

Board members Marie Greene, CEO of Nana Regional Corporation from Kotzebue, and PeggyAnn McConnochie, a realtor from Juneau, will be visiting Nome and Kotzebue.

Nome Folks - 10am - 12 noon at the Nome City Council Chambers.   Nome is in District 39 in both options and in both looks to be pretty much the same.  The district is the far West including Shishmaref, Wales, Diomede, Nome, down to Hooper Bay and Russian Mission.

AK Redistricting Board Option 1 - Dist39

Kotzebue folks - You're scheduled for 3pm to 5pm at the NW Arctic Borough Assembly Chambers.  You're in District 40 which looks pretty much like your old district.  It includes the far North from Buckland and Kotzebue, Point Hope, to Kaktovik.

 AK Redistricting Brd Op1Dist40

The last team consists of Board Member Jim Holms, former legislator from Fairbanks and  Board executive direction Ron Miller.  They're scheduled for Unalaska and Cold  Bay.

Unalaska folks - You're on from 1pm to 3pm at the Unalaska City Council Chambers.  You are in District 37 which looks the same in both options.  You're gaining a chunk of the old District 38 which includes Quinhagak, Goodnews Bay, and Platinum from the 2001 Districts and part of the old 36 on the west which includes: Port Alsworth, Nondalton, Newhalen,  Iliamna,  Igiugig, and Pedro Bay.

Cold Bay folks - Your meeting is 7pm - 9pm at the City of Cold Bay Community Center.  You are in the same district as Unalaska - 37 - so the map above applies to you too.

So, what should you do at these meetings?  The Board hasn't given out a lot of information, but you can check out the criteria they are using on their website and see if the maps meet the redistricting guidelines.  These are things like:  socio-economic cohesion, compactness, and equal sizes for all districts with minimum deviation. 

The Alaska Redistricting Board tab above lists all the other posts I've done on the board with short descriptions.

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