Thursday, April 28, 2011

Business of Clean Energy in Alaska Conference 2011 - Murkowski

 I'm at the Business of Clean Energy in Alaska conference at the Denaina Center. 

Lisa Murkowski just spoke following welcome comments from  Lt. Governor Mead Treadwell and Renewable Energy Alaska Project executive director. 

She began by saying the key is to both more energy production and reduction of energy use.  There are more than 27,000 homes that need weatherization upgrades and sorry that this wasn't funded again.  Better in helping homeowners affording jumps in energy prices.  Live heat did relatively well in the budget.  The debate going ahead in Congress will be with critical eye to the budget, it will be tough for us here in the state.  Whether weatherization, live heat or federal money to advance our clean energy technologies.  We need to be independent to futher build out our renewable energy technologies.  It's not a shortage of resources.  Was in Chevak and Hooper Bay to see the wind turbines beginning to offset those energy prices - not there yet, but will be.  We have best hydro electric potential in the nation.  Already 28 projects in state which provide about 24% of our energy.  Ocean potential.  These could potentially produce 3 times more than we currently consume.  We have 33,000 miles of coastline.  We need to learn to tie into it.  No shortage of resources, but turning them into energy.  We've seen CIRI's frustration with getting energy companies to sign on on Fire Island.  Red tape by NEPA for Naknek projects. 

Three hydro bills - last one calls all environmentally acceptable?? projects as renewable energy. 

We're onto the first panel now. 

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  1. Hopefully, the 33,000 miles long will bloom into 44,000 miles long with the onset of GIS technology... then again, the quotes on this web page has been there for a while... like 3-5 years...

    "*The Alaska Coastal Management Program EIS indicates that Alaska's coastline is 33,000 miles long. However with advances in mapping technology, we have been able to ascertain that the number of coastal miles is approximately 44,000. As Alaska develops a coordinated GIS system, we will be able to publish more detailed information." (scroll to the bottom of the page to see this quote)

    "If you walked one thousand miles a year, it would take forty-four years* to hike Alaska's coastline!"


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