Sunday, December 19, 2010

Woman Bites Off Estranged Husband’s Penis And Stabs Him To Death

OK, I know that's a sensational headline.  It came through my subscription to Thaivisa a website for expats in Thailand that I joined while we were in Thailand.  Here's the first paragraph of the story from the Pattaya Daily News:
A woman who was forced to have oral sex by her estranged husband bit off his penis. In the ensuing fight the husband, a senior official at the Ministry Of Defence, stabbed her in the arm, but she managed to grab the knife and stabbed him in the abdomen. He died from his injuries shortly afterwards.

But I do have a question that I think is worth putting out there (is anyone else asking this same question?)

Why doesn't this happen more often? 

When oral sex is not consensual, a man shows his dominance by putting the very symbol of his masculinity into a potential chopping block.  My question is simply, why don't more women (or men) take advantage of this opportunity to avenge the man who is forcing them into this situation?  Is this the ultimate show of power - to give your subject the opportunity to do you serious harm knowing the subject won't take it? 

Perhaps it happens more often than is reported, but if it gets to police reports, I'd expect it would get publicized, though hospital records wouldn't be as accessible.

Perhaps the mouth (I don't want to assume it's always a woman, or use the word victim, so unless someone comes up with a better word I'll leave it at this) is simply too afraid of retribution.

Perhaps the mouth is revolted by the idea of biting down.

Perhaps the mouth doesn't believe it will succeed. 

Perhaps the mouth has been socialized to not bite.

Would this happen more often if women had penises and men supplied the mouths?  

I'm guessing that men and women react differently to this sort of story, but I'm not sure what those reactions are.  Is there one main reaction for each gender or are there several main reactions for each gender?  

If the facts in the story prove true, should she be charged with anything or just let go?  Will men answer this question differently then women?  

Am I kidding myself that I'm asking serious questions here?  If you think I am, how would one have a serious discussion of something like this?  What are the relevant issues? 


  1. My former husband was like this and he forced me to have sex with him. Shortly before we divorced, WAR was quoted as saying, "If you can't rape your wife, who can you rape?" My ex husband quoted him and I thought, "No one. You can't rape anyone."

    Shortly after that, I left him, much to my family and church's problem with me leaving. What shocked me was how my family poo-poo'd me for what I was telling them and my dad laughing, "If you can't rape your WIFE. . ." I glared at my mom who was too far up in her work to have tolerated that and asked her if she let him do that to her-- did she want my then husband? My dad choked.

    The women at church were about my wifely duties. WTF? Why weren't they lecturing him about the art of seduction?

    I was socialized to not bite-- the schlong was too close to his waist and his fist. Leaving him was good. I did, however went on a sleeping spree for fun sex of my own choosing. No one understood it, including me, but now I know why.

    Any man, any person, whose power rests in forcing or coercing another person to do that gets bad karma.

  2. I think that it's not the women having the penises. It's the person who has the power.

  3. Women are trained not to injure. But there's gotta be a "nature" component in there as well.
    I believe women are wired differently when it comes to inflicting pain and doing opportunistic damage. Even when provoked or in self-defense.

  4. As a male, I have often wondered why women who are abused do not seek help at the first sign of abuse. But I have never been of the mindset to force my will on anyone so I find it difficult to think like an abuser or the person abused.

  5. I was hoping this story was about Sarah and Todd...


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