Sunday, April 03, 2011

Lady Gaga Goes To Google

Let's say that I am aware of Lady Gaga, but I wouldn't recognize her singing on the radio was hers.  I know that she has more Facebook fans than Sarah Palin, and there were posters for her concert when we were in Berlin last year.  And there was some vague understanding that behind the look, she actually has a musical talent and lots of drive.  And that in Malaysia they've dubbed 'gay' out of her video. I didn't know much.

And so when a Lady Gaga at Google video came to my attention at YouTube, I decided to watch it.  She was there to be interviewed on stage before Google employees before her Oakland concert about two weeks ago.

I suspect some of my readers might be similarly culturally deprived, so here's the

link to the YouTube video.

At the end is her "Born this way" video.

What I got out of watching this 70 minute video was a person with a lot of talent who was something of a freak in her school environment, but worked really hard to make her creative visions come to life - the music, the lyrics, the clothing, the event.  But, as with all famous people blown up into superhuman proportion, she's just a person trying to figure out how to be herself in this world that wants us to fit the mold.

The show was kind of hokey, in a good way, as Gaga answered questions from the moderator - a Google employee - from fans via email and YouTube video, and from  Google employees, some dressed up in Gaga inspired costumes.  For all the glam, it was really very sweet.    But some of the comments [posted on YouTube about the video] were pretty mean spirited and a fair number were flagged as spam or as simply removed.

But they should have gotten her another chair.  She was constantly pulling down her hem.


  1. Here's a great offshoot of her music, my favorite high school history teacher, Mrs. B performing a supplement lesson on the French Revolution using Lady G's "Bad Romance".

    BTW she's made 52 of these history videos!

  2. deebee, thank you for that great link. I watched the video - here's the link for people who don't want to cut and paste - and loved it and wanted to know more. It didn't take much to find that Mrs. B is a teacher in Hawaii named Amy Burvall and she works with Herb Mahelona creating these. Now I'm going to check with some history teacher friends in Anchorage and see if they use these. Again, thanks for letting me know about this.


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