Friday, April 22, 2011

Old Posts Reflecting on Blogging in General and Blogging Ethics - A Draft Post

I was going to search my blog for posts on blogging ethics, but the blogspot search feature doesn't work all that well.  So I just looked for posts labeled 'blogging'.  I'm going through some 288 posts.  Since I'm doing this for the blogging class that meets for the last time this afternoon, I'll post what I've got so far, but clearly this needs some reflection and better organizing on my part, which I hope to do before too long.  But this does reflect some key issues:
  • Obligations to people you post about:
    • Blogger use of photos 
    • Disclosures
  • Blogger Bias
    • How knowing your subjects affects how you write
    • How trying to increase traffic affects what you write about
    • People who will pay you to write good things about them
  • Can Bloggers get into legal trouble for what they write? - Blogger Law

 And this is just from ten posts - I've still got a lot more to sift through. 

Bloggers, Ethics, and Photos of Children -(June 22, 2009)  Thoughts after another local blogger was criticized for a photo of a youngster at a political demonstration against protecting gays from discrimination.

Festival Blogger Ethics and Objectivity - (December 22, 2010) Thoughts on how getting to meet film makers at a film festival affects how I write about them and their films.

Blogging is Like Fishing - (August 26, 2007)  Reflections on blogging after a year of blogging.

Blogging is Like Fishing 2 - (August 28, 2007) A few more reflections on blogging's impact on me.

Blogging Thoughts:  Does Traffic Matter? - (June 19, 2007)  Overview of advice on getting more traffic to your blog and questioning why we want that.

Blog Ethics:  Sex Sells and So Does Victor Lebow - (February 5,  2008) A look at what posts get hits and reflections on how that could affect what one writes.

"typically you receive $4 for every story" - (January 23, 2008) A look at an offer I had to secretly push someone's products.

Blogger Law 101 - (Dec. 13, 2007) I discover that there is law that I should know about concerning bloggers.  Fortunately, it seems my blogging instincts are keeping me ok. But that didn't prevent me from getting a threatening letter from a lawyer who said I'd libeled his client.

Journalism, Blogging, and Perspective - (November 2007)  More thoughts on how your relationships with your sources affects what you write.

Disclosures (November 23, 2007)  I disclose my relationships with people I'm writing about.

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