Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Over the Snow Covered Mountains into Sunny Anchorage

We left cold, rainy Detroit at 7:25am yesterday and soon were in cold, grey Chicago.  But then we were on our flight home.  It was a long flight, but the last hour or so offered spectacular views of Prince William Sound.  It's always breathtaking no matter how often I see these views.

 Flying into Anchorage mid-day means I didn't have the dramatic shadows 
of sunrise or sunset, or the pink and orange glow.

This one is looking down  Powerline Pass into Anchorage.

It was encouraging to see the luggage handler in short sleeves.

And here we are awaiting the bus in mid-50's warmth.  And while it was much nicer than the weather in Chicago or Detroit, Anchorage does still have leftover ice and snow in the shady spots.  I was too tired from sitting on airplanes to even post yesterday when we got home.  And today I raked leaves in the front yard before finally opening the computer.  Enjoying the sun while it lasts. 

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