Thursday, April 21, 2011

Cordova: Your Turn at 1:30pm - Here are the redistricting maps

Scheduled for 1:30-3:30 at the Cordova Public Library

The key thing that Cordova folks said at the public hearings was that they didn't want to be with Valdez and the pipeline communities.  They said they were much more connected with Southeast Alaska.

But it developing a plan that had no retrogression for Alaska Natives (as required by the US Voting Rights Act), the Board has put Cordova with Valdez and the pipeline communities in both their options.   But they are linked to Southeast districts for the Senate seat in both plans. 

The Board has two draft plans.  In Option 1, Cordova is in District 2, Senate District A.   Click here for a pdf of Option 1, District 2.   [Double click the first two maps to enlarge]

In Option 2, Cordova is in District 12, Senate seat F.   Click here for a more detailed Option 2, District 12  pdf map.

Below are Options 1 and 2 Statewide draft plans.  [Click the + to enlarge the two maps below]

Whole State: Alaska Redistricting Board Option 1


You can get maps for all the districts in Option 1 here.

You can get maps for all the districts in Option 2 here.

The board takes a three day weekend break after Cordova, then heads for Healy and Palmer on Monday. (They are going in small groups, not the whole board to the smaller communities.) 

The Board's calender is here.
Their public hearing schedule, in pdf (I can't cut and paste) is here.

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